Jehangir Art Gallery

Applying at Jehangir Art Gallery

  1. Applications are available only during the month of September every year.
  2. If you are in Mumbai, you can collect the forms from the gallery itself. In case you are from outside Mumbai, you can send us a DD of 250/- along with your address. An application will be sent back to you.
  3. You will have to fill few basic details, submit it back to the gallery between October and December of the same year. The application form shall be signed by the person who wishes to make use of the Gallery or represents the organization or group wishing to exhibit in the gallery. Application form is not transferable. (DO NOT send slides photographs/bio-data along with the application form).
  4. Allotments of exhibition space are made by a special Booking Committee consisting of senior artists and experts in the field. The Booking Committee will meet twice a year and will make allotments for only six months for the following year, at each meeting.
  5. The Gallery Administration will write to each applicant regarding the decision.
  6. As an essential convention an artist is allotted gallery space only once in three years due to the large number of applications.
  7. Applicants will be intimated by the gallery office regarding submission of their specimens in digital format.
  8. The Committee will allot normally seven days per exhibition and reserves the right to allot any gallery as per its discretion.
  9. Major art societies which have been organizing their annual shows for decades are exempted from the rules no. 7 & 8
  10. The Booking Committee reserves the discretion of refusal of any application.
  11. There are total of 7 exhibition spaces within the gallery to choose from. For details visit (