About the exhibition:

Suruchi Jamkar’s 31st solo exhibition showcases 50 paintings in Oil and acrylics on canvas. They depict the reaction of an imaginative mind to several visually and spiritually stimulating places and experiences.

Website: www.suruchijamkar.com

Inspiration: These myriad impressions and artistic meditations are experienced through her travels. “ Every journey is an exploration - be it travelling to a remote pottery village, a nearby spiritual place or an inward journey towards your childhood memories. Now is the time to lie back, explore and enjoy,” says Suruchi. It is this creativity inspired by her memories and musings that has found expression on her canvases. Sculptures of Hampi, deserts of Rajasthan and the starlit skies are predominant backdrops of her works. What charms the viewer the most are the girls in turbans.

Technique:The use of earthen monochromatic colours  fusing with the vibrant bright ones and her unique style which is very narrative and appealing conveys her story most eloquently. Dry brushing interspersed with thick knife application of oil paints gives a convincing depth to her works.

Subject of paintings : Suruchi and her iconic women wearing turbans, are a visual treat. They come across as strong yet beautiful, contemplative yet ethereal. At times they are relaxing amidst nature, using rocks to recline on. Under the starlit skies one experiences the eternity and tranquility of life.

Suruchi ’s paintings  create the feeling of languorous comfort and easy pace, away from the rush of the rat race outside. We invite you to come and be a part of her rich and peaceful world.

About the artist:Born on 22 March 1980, Suruchi is a young and established  artist who studied at the prestigious JJ School of art, Mumbai and Nagpur University. Having sold more than 1000 paintings, she has put up solo and group shows at many galleries across India namely Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi, the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India International Centre, Delhi, India Habitat Centre, Delhi , Nehru Centre, Mumbai , Tao Art Gallery Mumbai and has gained recognition for her work in the form of critical appreciation and awards like Nehru cultural Award, Dolly Kersetjee Award.

 Suruchi currently lives in Hyderabad and has travelled extensively through Rajasthan, Karnataka, Ladakh, Southeast Asia, Europe and all across India. She has worked in diverse mediums like tempera, Fresco, water colors, pastels, silk and brocade, stone ware ceramics, metal welding. Her versatility is seen in the way she blends a mundane medium to speak expressively on a subject. She also enjoys Indian classical vocal music she painted onstage with vocal artist in a classical evening titled ‘Barse Rang Malhar’ in front of a thousand audiences. She has also done workshops at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal in ceramic stoneware; in Banasthali she learnt the age old technique of fresco and tempera. Suruchi travelled all over Europe studying the art of the masters and their masterpieces of which she found the art in the Vatican the most imposing and larger than life. 


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