About the exhibition Despite having a 4 decade long bond with photography, Hemant has quite recently discovered the magical world of wildlife photography, all thanks to tigers. From the very first time he laid eyes on this magnificent beast, he was captivated by its power, grace and ferocity. Rather than being on a quest to photograph different tigers from different landscapes, he focuses on bringing out their individuality and connecting with them on a deeper level. To him, photography is an art and art is all about emotion. He believes that photography has a unique ability to transcend all language barriers and one can easily form an emotional connection with wild animals too. However, to form that emotional bond, it is essential to connect with them.Through his photographs, Hemant aims to celebrate and preserve the sanctity of the bond that exists between him and tigers. About the photographer A simple man with a camera. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Hemant Sawant is a hobbyist Indian photographer who loves capturing the beauty of the natural world, especially that of tigers. From a young age, cameras and their ability to freeze moments in time fascinated him.The day he first looked through the eyepiece, everything changed. He found a world stripped of banality and full of wonder. Photography enabled him to see the world with fresh eyes and also gave him the ability to capture precious moments. Instead of looking at tigers through a big lens mounted on a tripod, which can emphasize a detached point of view, he prefers to be mentally and spiritually close to his subjects. The thrill of going back to the same place and reconnecting with the same individuals fascinates him. To him, photography simply acts as a medium which allows him to communicate with his wild subjects.


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