The Art Glyph

The Art Glyph




Through the windows of my Memories, I always perceive the visual images in multiple sequences. Some are consciously perceived, Some are subconsciously, But moreover are perceived in an unconscious level. Hence the life is full of fortunate & Unfortunate moments. A cup of tea and bulb is a window of my memories through which I share the unfortunate and fortunate moments in my sentiments A cup of tea and bulb is like a morning dew, which evokes the strength in me to achieve my destination for full filling my urges. My imprints of subconscious I define as a sip, which lies between the cup and the tea Unended…………..Thus the Imprints of subconscious.



Umesh Charole – a  professional artist and cartoonist from Nagpur dabbles realism on canvas. His figurative paintings are religious and portray the inner emotions and reflections. His main focus is on color combinations to penetrate the message to one & all. Through The Art Glyph he wants to showcase his new imagination through most realistic strokes of brush…



Aa science graduate later turned into a professional artist; her innate craving towards the field and hard work depicts her endless thoughts, feelings, and rhythm aesthetically through the bright colors and their fusion in her paintings. She reveres the Eternal Natural Bliss Created by the Supreme Power which shows her the path to create a series of Paintings… titled – “Endless Thoughts”.With a sense of flow & transparency and intuitive application of acrylic colours, Falguni’s Artworks show inspiring and energetic strokes on canvas. Her compositional vision says that an Abstract Art is a formless form of Art with a specific definition and she believes that this work of Art is but a shadow of the Divine perfection.



The Lotus labourThe lotus is a beautiful flower that can be found all over the world. But the start of this flowers life is not as beautiful as one might imagine. It’s unlike many other flowers. When the lotus first begins to sprout, it is underwater, making its home in lakes and ponds in areas where the water remains fairly still on the surface. But underneath the surface, the lotus is surrounded by mud and muck and by fish, by insects, and simply dirty, rough conditions such is the story of Mr. Walde and his paintings In order to grow and gain wisdom, first, you must have the mud — the obstacles of life and its suffering. … Mr Walde’s painting speaks of the hardships his family went through. While growing up, the horrendous days stayed with him forever, where Art played a vital role in helping him evolve and grow, Through The Art Glyph he is showcasing the Hardships, Pain and struggle through Vibrant colours. “From the mud of adversity grows the lotus of joy.”

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