Shrikant Khairnar

Shrikant Khairnar





Shrikant Khairnar is inspired by the Indian mythology, Tantra ideology and a sheer will to delve into quieter zones of abstraction. Having practised as well as training students about the subject of enamelling from the past 15 years, Shrikant is an expert enamellist. The process of enamelling requires a sharp conscience in order to deliver the probable effects.

The present works epitomise his deep, ongoing interest in studying the science of Art and its elusive relation with religion.  Shrikant meddles with these concepts while following a spiritual path in order to understand himself and effectively express. The composite forms in the artworks are apparently recurring symbols of Tantric philosophy. The esoteric feature is subtly blended with an abstract approach in order to express the variations that are observed here. The basic shapes represent his interest in mathematical approach while making a way to meanings that are deep and symbolic to higher processes of life, spirituality and religion.

Shrikant has handled the techniques of Perforation, Etching, Patination and Enamelling to create this present series of works. He lives and practices at his studio in Thane, Mumbai.

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