Ramdas Lobhi

Ramdas Lobhi



One with bliss!!

On Ramdas’s work

Ramdas Lobhi is back again with a fresh new collection of beautiful strokes and colours in oil on canvas. Called “ One with bliss,” this collection is a vibrant expression of Ramdas’s journeys spanning  the  South Eastern parts of the world to remote rural parts of India, the ones closest to his heart. In this collection, Ramdas, with his masterful strokes has created magic with colours blending his emotions and his appreciation of the unnoticed beauty around us into a beautiful rhapsody of celebratory moments, nature and the simplicity of everyday life.

Apart from his established style which touches hearts with its honesty and realness, his attempts at impressionist expressions of life around him as he sees it, produce a similar impact of making the viewer a part of the painting.


From Ramdas’s point of view

An artist’s journey is never a monotonous one. The constant search for inspiration and the unexplainable joy when he stumbles upon it is what makes this journey and incredible one. I spent the last couple of years traveling, exploring and experiencing nature and people around me. My love for rural landscapes, people in their day to day living and the special occasions and celebrations that highlight their lives have been close to my heart and have very often found their way to my canvas.

My recent travels to South East Asia and some less explored beautiful rural parts of India have been my inspiration for this collection. The bounty of nature and simplicity in people always tug at my heart. The paintings in this collection are simply my expressions of what I have seen, loved and what are for long etched in my mind. They make me happy and bring out my emotions like nothing else!

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