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Gangadhar Tatake




Nowadays we see many artists using Oil Paint, Water colour, Pastels, Acrylic and other media for paintings. Here is a new medium for them – known as “Enkaustikos” – (Greek for “To Burn in”).

Paintings in this medium can be seen at the Jehangir Art Gallery next week. The Exhibition “Enkaustikos” by Shri. Gangadhar Tatake is from 24 Feb 2020 to 1 Mar 2020.

Shri. Gangadhar Tatake, now 91 year “young” is an alumnus of the Abhinav Kala Vidyalay, Pune and the Sir JJ School of Arts from the early fifties. Since then he has indulged in almost every art form – painting, screen printing, photography, as well as commercial art and advertising. Over the years he also taught several budding artists.

In 2001, he tried his hand at Encaustic painting, and got ‘hooked’. Since then he has held Seven exhibitions and conducted a number of workshops in Pune, where he stays. Now, for the first time he is exhibiting his work outside Pune. His book titled “Encaustic Medium and Techniques” will be available for sale at the Exhibition.

Encaustic medium is 2,000 years old and was used in Egypt for “Fayum Paintings” (100 to 300 CE). It is a complicated procedure in which you have to heat and work with molten Beeswax mixing color Pigments and oil paints. This ancient technique is reborn and numerous artists are using it as a new medium for painting on canvas, paper, wood or ceramics.

Encaustic paintings last longer and do not become black or yellow over time. They do not need to be covered by a glass sheet or develop any fungus or smell. Greek seafarers would cover their boats with wax mixed with colour to protect their ships from adverse atmosphere and water. Encaustic painting must have originated from there. Electric devices today have made it easy to melt wax instead of the coal stoves that might have been used in old days.

Molten wax solidifies fast so your painting needs to be fast. You can put layers on top of layers or even embed things in the wax making them Embeded or Collaged and Layered paintings. Below paintings on paper and wood are the artists own work.

You need: Beeswax (Solid or liquid form), Damar Resin (for giving the painting a long life and shine), Paints, Hog hair brushes, Canvas, Electric Heaters, Heat gun, Non Steam and Non Teflon Iron,Hot plate, Heat bulb, Vessels to heat the paint etc.

Encaustic paintings have high demand and fetch good prices. Greeting cards, Landscapes, Portraits, Abstract have good number of buyers. This medium is a good option for young and upcoming artists.


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