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Monalisa is a spontaneous artist whose expressions on canvas reflect peace and life at the same time. She is an exponent of the Mandala and Zen styles of art with deeply spiritual and soulful connotations. Moreover, these paintings and other artifacts have long since been believed to act as powerful charms of life, vitality and fortune. As a born artist Monalisa is thoroughly self-taught who lets her inherent instincts guide her constant desire to meditate. No wonder, then, that some of her works are completely free from the shackles of traditional restrictions of medium and material. However, while she conforms to the norms of the Mandala designs, she lets her brush take full sway over her soul while doing Zen paintings .

Write up on Art :-


Art on canvas turned into an cathartic obsession for Monalisa, affording her a wellspring of peace and forbearance. Her paintings subtly emphasise the myriad complexities of existence, as also one's perpetual quest for its purpose.

The boldness of strokes is complemented by the ebullience of colours, and both lend a distinct serenity and vibrancy to the work, immersing the viewer in an ocean of tranquility.

While livelier hues dominate the canvas manifesting joy and peace, warm shades seek to soothe sore spirits. Her works have an extraordinary ability to draw the viewer into a deep vortex of contemplation. “To live is human; to let live is divine,” they seem to say!


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