Chandrashekhar Khanzode

Chandrashekhar Khanzode





Rhythmic words about my Sculptures, Rhythmic Stars.

Rhythmic Rums inspired rue to make use of it in my sculptures. As Rhythmic form means the form in which there is no specific shape, angle or corner. This is a form, which is m our eyes m hands move freely to track m to treat something. Basically, it is a continuous shape which always gives &lightness to all. I have chooser very simple and easy shapes to make the sculptures. Basic idea for my sculptures got from the stars blinking in the dark sky. As there are millions of stars blinking in the sky, I thought, why should not I bring those stars together to form a group. So, I tried to accumulate those stars in a different shape to make my Scriptures. I have chooser the Diamonds for my sculptures, m it looks like a star. All Sculptures presented under Rhythmic Sacs by Tanishka Art, are made with the Swarovski Crystals. Basically, it is a fusion of Swarovski Crystals using resin.


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