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Art20 Dnyaneshwar Dhavale | Ribaka Nikam | Anup Sarma         "शरद पवार यांच्या हस्ते, शिरुरच्या ज्ञानेश्वर ढवळेंच्या चित्रप्रदर्शनाचे उद्घाटन" अँकर - मुंबईतील जहाँगीर आर्ट गॅलरी ही,     कलाकारांसाठीची पर्वणीच आहे.  नावाजलेल्या कलाकारांच्या कलाकृतींचे प्रदर्शन, नेहमीच येथे पाहायला मिळते. ज्ञानेश्वर संपत ढवळे हे देखील एक नावाजलेले चित्रकार आहेत. त्यांच्या चित्रप्रदर्शनाचे उद्घाटन, राष्ट्रवादी काँग्रेस पक्षाचे अध्यक्ष, खासदार शरदचंद्र पवार व त्यांच्या सुविद्य पत्नी प्रतिभाताई प [...]

Memories of Significance Anant Nikam     Memories of Significance’ is a solo exhibition by the noted print maker and pedagogue, Anant Nikam. Currently the Head of Art Department at the J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, Nikam has been experimenting with various mediums and has become a major exponent in lino-etching. His major forte is his specialisation in lino-etching and viscosity methods of print making which was developed and perfected by the noted artist late Krishna Reddy. The present e [...]

Aamcho Konkan Mamta Chitnis       The lives of women farmers of Konkan and the landscapes they dominate A solo exhibition of paintings by artist and writer Mamta Chitnis Sen. Inspired by women farmers and landscapes of Sawantwadi from Sindhudurg region of Konkan,  Maharashtra, the exhibition is a display of latest works as well as an amalgamation of paintings created by Mamta over the years. Landscapes from various areas of Sindhudurg too form part of the display. The paintings ar [...]

Rajendhiren Solomon       My journey as an artist began in my early years as I dwelled in the beauty  of my surroundings and kept translating them into artworks as I matured  through adolescence Thus began my art journey. I did my UG and PG in Fine Arts- painting in Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai in 2006-08. Travel is my holistic inspiration and learning. I was working as a professional artist for many commissions from companies and individuals. I work in different media [...]

Achyut Palav     The Idea behind Letterospective Calligraphy is an amazing and beautiful part of our culture. ‘Letterospective’ is the art as seen  through the works and eyes of one artist. It also shows how the IndianCalligraphy can become a  viable and respected profession. Apart from sharing my life’s experiences, this initiative is an attempt to inspire young artists and at the saame time convey sincere thanks to all those who have inspired me. What will you see in ‘Letterospective [...]