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Gangadhar Tatake       Nowadays we see many artists using Oil Paint, Water colour, Pastels, Acrylic and other media for paintings. Here is a new medium for them - known as "Enkaustikos" - (Greek for "To Burn in"). Paintings in this medium can be seen at the Jehangir Art Gallery next week. The Exhibition "Enkaustikos" by Shri. Gangadhar Tatake is from 24 Feb 2020 to 1 Mar 2020. Shri. Gangadhar Tatake, now 91 year “young” is an alumnus of the Abhinav Kala Vidyalay, Pune and the Sir [...]

Aditya Raj Life n Light       Adityaraj is a young virtuoso embellished with an articulate vision of having explored various diasporas of art. Adityaraj was first introduced to the camera at the early age of 14 years when he captured images of classical music artists during his exposure to various concerts as a disciple of classical music. This inclination towards Indian classical music later transited into a passion for painting nature onto his canvas.  While his academic journey [...]

Ananta Mandal THE SOUL COLLECTION       “THE SOUL COLLECTION” An Exhibition of Paintings by Ananta Mandal THE SOUL COLLECTION narrates my art archive which continues with time as it amplifies with various subjects and moods. Being an artist the journey has been dynamic yet embedded in the realities of circumstances which seems distinct in each frame enchanting the heart and soul. While experimenting the works with different colors and tone to showcase the subjects will transit fro [...]

Ramdas Lobhi     One with bliss!! On Ramdas’s work Ramdas Lobhi is back again with a fresh new collection of beautiful strokes and colours in oil on canvas. Called “ One with bliss,” this collection is a vibrant expression of Ramdas’s journeys spanning  the  South Eastern parts of the world to remote rural parts of India, the ones closest to his heart. In this collection, Ramdas, with his masterful strokes has created magic with colours blending his emotions and his appreciation of the [...]

Anil Abhange     When disconnected from the universal truth that everything is interdependent and interconnected, we feel like we are each born to compete with others. We observe the vast differences in the fortunes of one man compared to another, and we perceive that each living creature’s existence is a fight for its own survival, oftentimes at the expense of other living creatures. However, in reality, if we pull a thread here, we’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world. All [...]