Anant Nikam

Memories of Significance
Anant Nikam



Memories of Significance’ is a solo exhibition by the noted print maker and pedagogue, Anant Nikam. Currently the Head of Art Department at the J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, Nikam has been experimenting with various mediums and has become a major exponent in lino-etching. His major forte is his specialisation in lino-etching and viscosity methods of print making which was developed and perfected by the noted artist late Krishna Reddy. The present exhibition curated by JohnyML at the Jehangir Auditorium Gallery features a series of paintings and installations. Nikam revisits the memories of his early rural life and instead of romantically and nostalgically brooding over it, he brings out the essence of the philosophical streak of rural life which is agrarian and ritual based at once. Looking at the significant memories or rather memories of significance from various perspectives, Nikam presents and ensemble of his visual negotiations that function as a meeting point of different art historical conduits. A dexterous oscillation between absolute abstraction and notations and symbols based figuration makes Nikam a part of the continuum in the lineage of artists like V.S.Gaitonde and Prabhakar Barwe.

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