Aditya Raj

Aditya Raj

Life n Light




Adityaraj is a young virtuoso embellished with an articulate vision of having explored various diasporas of art. Adityaraj was first introduced to the camera at the early age of 14 years when he captured images of classical music artists during his exposure to various concerts as a disciple of classical music.

This inclination towards Indian classical music later transited into a passion for painting nature onto his canvas.  While his academic journey into Architecture widened an aesthetic horizon, Adityaraj availed photography as a critical tool to imbibe his hobbies. The harmonious relationship between the aesthetics of music, nature, and architecture is a symphony that channelized into Adityaraj’s connection with his camera further profoundly.

The core impetus of his evolution in defining his skills has always been his family, especially his father, Mr. Sandesh Gujar, and his vibrant upbringing.  His eye for an acute detail and an intricate perception, led him to fabricate imagery within his mind before he seized them through his lens. His love for these natural arts motivated him to captivate lively photographs.  

As a Photographer, Adityaraj enhances the beauty that lies unseen from the common eye within the untethered living world.  Moreover, he possesses a versatile gift that reflects in his innovative skills to express life into the photographs envisioned through light.

Thus, he materialized this vision into developing in varied niches of photography through his dreamscape, Enlight Studios. His multifaceted approach is represented in styles like Portrait, Product, Architecture, Art & Abstract, Food, and Nature photography.


Artist Statement: 

“The unprecedented philosophy of light enlivens every nook and corner it touches by its presence. Photography is all about light play, while Light is all about energy. Energy is the basis of Life. Thus life is light, and light is life!”

My exhibition focuses on these two aspects of photography.

Being fascinated by majestic beauty of nature that strongly calls out to me, my Tiger Series represents “LIFE”. While, the inherent rendezvous with the numerous aspects of a camera allow me to express the “LIGHT” in my photography.


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