Established in 1952, Jehangir Art Gallery is more than a prime art exhibition space. Located in South Mumbai, it has been closely associated with the development of contemporary Indian art.

Jehangir Art Gallery hosts exhibitions by painters,sculptors, print-makers, craftsmen, ceramicists, photographers and weavers. It regularly holds interesting lecture programmes, conducts workshops & discussions on various forms of art, laying stress on education for both the academically inclined and laypersons.

Jehangir Art Gallery has provided a platform for aspiring artists,who have always availed the opportunities provided by the gallery to interact with the art fraternity at various levels.The gallery has continued to be a centre of activity for artists, connoisseurs of art, art-lovers and the public.

Our History

The Jehangir Art Gallery was established in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai in 1952. It was founded with the help of donations given by Sir Cowasji Jehangir, 2nd Baronet in memory of his late son. B.G. Kher, the then Chief Minister of Bombay, inaugurated the gallery on the 21st of January 1952. The building is designed by Durga Bajpai, and has the distinction of being one of the earliest structures built in the city. It is situated behind the famous Prince of Wales Museum, now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, in the Fort area of Mumbai.

The Jehangir Art Gallery has traditionally been one of the most prominent and renowned galleries in India, exhibiting works of artists like M.F. Hussain and S.H. Raza. Other frequenters of the gallery included Akbar Padamsee, Ram Kumar, Anjolie Ela Menon and K.K. Hebbar among others. The surroundings of the gallery can be said to be steeped in rich history and tradition, especially concerning art. The gallery complex houses the Art Plaza Gallery and Natesan, India’s earliest licensed antique dealers.

At present, the building boasts of seven exhibition halls or galleries– the Auditorium Hall, Exhibition Galleries 1, 2, 3 and 4, the Hirji Jehangir Gallery and the Terrace Art Gallery for Photography and Visual Art. The maintenance and management of these is currently undertaken by the Bombay Art Society.

Presently, the gallery hosts over 300 shows annually, one of which is the Monsoon Art Show, held especially for emerging artists. The gallery has therefore always encouraged art, and has also given exposure to hundreds of artists over the years, not only from the city, but from the whole country.


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  1. Do I have to pay to visit the gallery?

There are no entry fees for the gallery.

  1. How do I determine the monetary value of a work of art I own?

Through art auctions.

  1. How can I sell an artwork to the gallery?

We do not buy art.

  1. Where can I find assistance with authentication of an artwork I own?

Authentication can be taken from the artist, the son, daughter or spouse of the artist, from the art gallery you bought the artwork or a person who has done research on the artist.

  1. Where can I learn about special exhibition at the gallery?

The gallery puts up four months programme on the notice board, located in the foyer or you can visit the event calendar section of our website.

  1. How can I acquire visual images of artworks in the permeant collection of the gallery?

We do not own any permeant collections.

  1. Where can I get information about a special object in the gallery?

In the gallery office situated on the 1st floor.

  1. Can I have a work of art evaluated by the gallery?


  1. How can I buy a copy of my favourite painting?

At the art shop, located in the foyer. Only if available.

  1. Where can I find out who hold the copyright of the work of a artist?

Copyright is always with the artist.

  1. Where can I find answers to questions about conservation and/or restoration

At the Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj VastuSangrahalaya.

  1. How can I make a gift to the gallery?

By the way of renovation or donation. Gallery has tax exemption 80G.

  1. How can I become member of the gallery?

You will must check with the gallery’s secretary.

  1. Are baby strollers or backpacks permitted in the gallery?


  1. Is photography permitted in the gallery?

Only with the permission of the artist who is exhibiting.

  1. Can I use my mobile phone in the gallery?


  1. Can I eat or drink in the gallery?


  1. Where can I park my car?

There are two parking lots outside the gallery.

  1. Does the gallery have wheelchair access?

There is a ramp for the wheelchair to come till the foyer. No, wheelchair available with the gallery.

  1. Can I access the list of publications by the gallery?

Yes, at the art shop.


Committee Members

  • Mr. Adi H Jehangir, Chairman
  • Sir Cowasji Jehangir, Bart
  • Mrs. K. G Menon, Secretary
  • Mr. Dilip De
  • Ms. Shirin K Bharucha
  • Shri Yogesh Kamdar
  • Mr. Vishvanath D Sabale
  • Ms. Sushma Gaikwad
  • Mr. Narendra D Vichare
  • Prof. Anil Naik
  • Mr. Nitin Gadre, I.A.S


  • Mr. R. Ramesh
  • Mrs. Sushama Ajitcumar
  • Mr. Arvind Chougule
  • Mrs. Maya Ravindran
Art Shop
  • Mr. Saifuddin E Lakdawala